JoyKo is the creation of Rachel Joyce and Karen Sako, artists who collaborate together to create unique, affordable abstract paintings. Each piece is signed on the back so the buyer can decide its orientation. JoyKo’s goal is to offer our original work to our collectors at an approachable price.

JoyKo creates these little masterpieces is phases.

Phase one! Initially there is a lot of playing and pushing paint around as we intuitively make marks working the piece as a whole. Layer after layer a design starts to emerge. Once we feel there’s enough paint we start adding collage elements to some of the pieces. We then observe each piece individually and start the editing phase.

Phase two! This is where we stop painting and look at the pieces as individuals, turning the ones we really like at a slight angle or ones that just need a tiny pop of color before they’re finished. We then go back in focusing on making each piece work on its own!

Come visit our new online store through Fine Art America and purchase a variety of different sized wall art and home decor!

Commissions available upon request.